Botox®, Xeomin® & Dysport® injection

The term ‘chemo-denervation’ is used to describe what happens when injections of Botox® , Xeomin® or Dysport® are used. When one of these products is injected intra-muscularly in the face, the purified toxin weakens the muscles so that certain undesirable facial expressions are toned-down. The effect is temporary and completely reversible after 4 months or so. The injections are commonly used on the glabella (the frown lines between the eyebrows), the Crow’s Feet and the lines of the forehead. Interestingly, the product can also be used to reduce abnormal sweating by injections to the axillae (armpits).

The product is injected during a very short office visit, and the results are seen about 5 days later. There is no downtime after the injections, and you can return to work afterwards. The effect can last about 4 months, and therefore for an ongoing effect throughout the year, you would need about 3 sessions. Men require more product that women to achieve the same effect.

Botox injection


The treatment needs to be done by experienced individuals in order to get the best and most natural results possible. Dr. Hashim performs all injections in our office. As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Hashim has expert knowledge of the subtleties of the face and the facial anatomy from his vast experience in performing facelift and other facial procedures, a very important point to consider when looking for treatments.

Patients seek a relaxed and natural results, something that Dr. Hashim can give you. An undesirable result is a consequence of how the injections were made, and not the product itself!

In 2014, our office has begun a ‘Privileged Patient’ program, where minor treatments like Botox® can be used to accumulate points to get complimentary injections. Ask about becoming a ‘Privileged Patient’!


These injections can sometimes give a similar effect to that of surgery, but not always. As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Hashim is able to tell you if a surgical procedure would be a better option for you. His knowledge of facial anatomy is used to give you the best results possible with the injections, and if it is not enough, he can easily take you to the next step, such as a temporal lift, an endoscopic brow lift or a bigger procedure. If you are not ready for surgery, injections are a pleasing option until you are ready!

Botox for men