FAQ lips augmentation

FAQs injectable gels (Restylane ®) for lip augmentation



How long the effect of the product is visible?


According to the manufacturer, the first injection can last between 9 and 12 months, the second injection can last 18 months.


Why this variation in time?


Your age is taken into account, the younger you are, and the better the product will last.

When you get older, our collagen disappears with our hormones and the body will absorb the product more quickly.


Many other factors come into play, such as our genetics (why some women age faster than others), stress, smoking, and drugs.


At what age should we start the injections?


You must be at least 19 years.


Is it dangerous?


No, this is a product that requires no test beforehand, of course, pregnant women and those with autoimmune diseases may never receive any injection.



I am swollen after infiltration?


Yes, you can have swelling of at least 48 hours after the injection; you may also have bruising for 7-10 days.


How do I prepare adequately before an injection?


To put the odds in your favor:


ü  Stop drinking at least 5 days prior to injection, 10 days if you can.


ü  Do not take aspirin and Advil at least 10 days before the injection (you can take Tylenol without problems)

ü  4 hours before injection, take Benadryl (OTC pharmacy) and immediately after injection

I’m afraid about my lip will be too big?


Normally, our lips should have the following proportions:

lips injection Restylane


Anatomy for the ”ideal lips!”


  • Profile

In profile, the upper lip must exceed the lower lip 1 to 2 mm

  • Alignment

The commissure of the lips must be aligned with the middle of the iris or pupil

  • Proportion

Ideally, the upper lip has to represent 40% of the total height of the lip and the lower lip 60%


  • Symmetry

Both sides of the lips must be similar.




Dr. Hashim is a plastic surgeon, will never make a lip augmentation that is not        harmonious with your face, you should not even have this thought, if this procedure is not for you, it will tell you. He knows how to say no.


You should know that only the surgeon has the expertise in cosmetic and by his university education, it is not a course that receives a pharmaceutical company or during the weekend, it’s really include in their fellowship at the University.


Moreover, Dr. Hashim form residents in plastic surgery at the University of Montreal for injectable. This is a great value for our customers.




Lip augmentation injections should be practiced sparingly and with art. The advantage is considerably younger too thin lip that gives a stern look. The disadvantage is that it does not see the right specialist and end up with a disproportionate lip that gives the appearance of a duckbill. That never happens at our office.